About Mount Kinabalu Meditation Centre

Having greatly benefited from Shih Mom's teaching, a group of her inspired students with a compassionate mind had a mission to share the wonderful teachings to the world. With Shih Mom’s permission, a place was chosen as the location for a new meditation centre  on Mountain Kinabalu of Sabah Malaysia, at an altitude of 1600 meters. Under the earnest support of all the students, Mountain Kinabalu Meditation Centre broke ground in 2003 and was established 2003 in 2008.

The method taught by Shih Mom is insight (Vipassana) meditation based on four foundations of mindfulness. The teaching manner is natural and flexible, with the suppleness to meet the changing of circumstances for each student. The teaching style is spontaneous yet concrete. For all people seeking liberation, you are welcome to join the practice as your pathway to nirvana.